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Mama Nae's Sugar Cookies

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One of my favorite memories as a kid are the days of holiday traditions. From decorating the tree, to making homemade crafts, to shopping at the store with a dishtowel over our baskets so we didn’t see what each other were buying.

It wasn’t always easy for my mom as a single mother, but that didn’t stop her from making sure we created some of the best memories.

One of the all-time favorites each year was making and decorating cookies. (Including the anatomically correct gingerbread cookies my little brother made EVERY single year- haha.)

Mama Nae did things a little differently. Along with a delicious moist sugar cookie, and homemade buttercream frosting, there were a LOT of decorations; including the always popular Red Hot candies. It sounds strange, but trust me, it works! A little spice with the sweet.

This coffee is in honor of my mom, the incredible memories she built with us, and her cookies.

Country of Origin - Brazil
Region - Cerrado, Patos de Minas
Elevation - 1100 MASL
Processed - Naturally